Just How Good are Weight Loss Products?

Weight Loss Products

Weight Loss Products

The weight loss products industry is a multi-million dollar business, with the number of weight loss products hitting the market growing day-by-day, promising fast weight loss.

The key question for anyone wanting to lose excess fat is: are these weight loss products any good, or will they just slim down your bank account leaving you to struggle with the same problem.

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Weight loss products come in many forms, from diet pills, patches, body wraps, slimming tea, electrical gadgets to herbal supplements. So here’s a quick run down of each so that you can decide for yourself whether they will help you to reach your slimming goals quicker.

Diet & Slimming Pills

There are a many types of weight loss pills available to help you torch that excess fat. Calorie Blockers stop your body from absorbing calories. Whilst showing clinically proven results, these weight loss products have also been reported to cause stomach pain, digestive problems and diarrhoea for some people.

Amphetamine based tablets aim to suppress your appetite, thus preventing you from feeling hungry between meals. Such drugs are stimulants, and can lead to heart problems, so are less popular because of the risks involved.

More popular weight loss products are so-called Fat Blockers. These breakdown fat so that it more readily available to your body as fuel, or they can prevent your body from absorbing fats in the first place. Some reports of heart-related side effects, may put some people off.

Weight Loss Patches

Manufacturers claim that weight loss patches contain natural ingredients which are absorbed into the bloodstream via a patch placed on the skin. The effect of the ingredients in these weight loss products is designed to stimulate the metabolism which will help breakdown body fat and make it available to your muscles for fuel.

Side-effects of patches include skin irritation caused by the glue that sticks the patch to the skin, and the FDA also consider excessive use to be dangerous to health, especially for people with a thyroid condition, diabetics, pregnant women and people with heart problems.

Body Wraps

Body Wrap weight loss products often come in the form of a gel and a film wrap. They claim to reduce inches from your body and are similar to those treatments on offer at health spas. The primary effect of the wrap is to tighten the skin, so whether it would form an effective strategy for long term weight loss is debatable. If you want to pamper yourself and possibly reduce the appearance of your belly, it may be worth a try.

Slimming Tea

Some research has claimed that drinking several cups of special green teas each day can help you to lose weight by helping you to burn up to 100 calories, and also increasing your body’s ability to burn fat by increasing your metabolism. Other unproven effects of green tea as weight loss products include reducing cholesterol levels and anti-aging due to high-levels of antioxidants. Despite these high-profile claims, there is little clinical evidence available to support the hype.

Electrical Muscle Stimulators

These weight loss products work by placing pads on certain areas of the body and passing electricity into your muscles causing them to contract. The effect is similar to performing exercise on the area where the pads are placed. This can help to tone the muscles, but the effect is not the same as performing cardiovascular exercise such as jogging, which helps the body to burn fat. Because of this, it is unlikely that such devices would help you to lose weight, although underlying muscles may become more toned.

Herbal Weight loss Supplements

These weight loss products claim to stop you feeling hungry between meals in the case of Hoodia, or providing energy and metabolism enhancement in the case of other supplements. Care should be taken when considering these products, as health risks are often the same as with normal drugs, and herbal or natural ingredients do not mean that they are safe to use.

In summary, as with most claims, rapid or miracle weight loss products should be approached with care. Always establish the ingredients and the effects of the product before trying it. If in doubt you should always consult a doctor. The general advice of the medical world is weight loss comes from a balanced diet and regular exercise. Any weight loss products, therefore, should supplement a healthy approach and not be considered a quick fix or shortcut.

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